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hustior - new features

I've added two new features to hustior: direct program execution and config files.


In my last posts I've written about the usage of Linux namespaces. I've took the lessons learned there and went one step further to create a sandbox called hustior.

Owncloud in a container: putting all together

In the previous posts I've explained how to run a container with my Ownlcoud installation without docker but it still requires a lot of commands to be executed manually and php-fpm didn't like to be run as root. This post explains how to put all together to start it with one command and also how to please php-fpm.

Owncloud in a container: device files

As I've mentioned in the previous post there was a problem in my container that prevented it from starting the webserver. After some debugging I've found that it was missing a random device and the null device file in the /dev directory.

Owncloud in a container: getting the runtime files

In the last post I've explained the parts to isolate a container but the runtime is still missing. With runtime I mean the program files/executables to run my Owncloud installation. To make live easy for me I've used a docker installation in a virtual machine.

Owncloud in a container: container and namespaces

As docker became more and more popular I've started to get my hands on it. For that I've searched the web after documentation and examples. While on that I've came across the following presentation: Anatomy of a Container: Namespaces, cgroups & Some Filesystem Magic - LinuxCon. It introduced me to the concept of namesapces and how they are used to separate conatainers from each other and the host system.

Owncloud in a container

As I've mentioned in my last post I've got a new computer. It required a newer version of Ubuntu which broke my Owncloud installation. To be fair I've used a "very stable" version of Owncloud. I was already planing about updating to the latest edge version as I've remembered a story about my scanner I've told to my coworker a few days ago.

FreeBSDBackup Update 2017

In 2012 and 2014 I've blogged about my FreeBSD based backup system. Lucky me didn't need it until now. But this month I've got a new computer and took this as a chance of testing the full  restoring of all data. I've learned two lessons I've want to share here.

Video reencoding

All started when I've got a new toy: a GoPro Hero 5. So I went out and took a 37 minute video. It turned out to be 13GB splitted in multiple chunks of 4GB. That is a lot of memory especially when you do make serious backups. As I knew that the were encoded in H.264 and that H.265 should reduce the file size about 50 percent I've started to look for a way to reencode.

JavaFX: Printing TextView content

This post is about printing in JavaFX. To be more precise: About printing the contents of a TableView. While printing the screenshot of any node is quite easy I was struggling with the TableView and a google search told me that others have difficulties too. After some more search I found the reason on the OpenJFX wiki:

"Rendering of large tables etc is not best handled by rendering a TableView directly. A reporting package might be a better approach."