jLuger.de - hustior - new features

I've added two new features to hustior: direct program execution and config files.

Direct program execution:
To directly execute a command use the the option "-exec" followed by the program name. Internally it will still start a bash and pass the given program name as a command to the bash. That is done for program reaping. Yes you have always an extra bash for your program but as I've already written hustior is not intended to start hundreds of processes on a server but only some handful at your PC. And this also means that the command given must be blocking. So when calling Visual Studio Code you have to pass the option "-w" for wait or the bash will end and with it Visual Studio Code. On the other hand you can also pass arguments to the program when enclosing all with quotes. E.g. "firefox -no-remote https://youtube.com" works as an exec argument.

Config files:
With "-configFile" you can specify a config file to get program parameters. See "-printConfigSample" for a sample. The config file doesn't need to contain all arguments but it must stay valid JSON. When using the config file and the command line parameters the later one will override the values from the config file.