jLuger.de - hustior - new features II

It has been a while since I've touched hustior but that was because it was working perfectly fine for me. Recently my workflow changed and thus hustior needed two new features: screen support and a permanent home directory.

Screen support:
The screen program failed in hustior since day one. I found out really quickly that it wants to access /dev/pts and so I mount binded it into the sandbox. But that didn't work. So I've left it for good. But now I need screen running in hustior. So I've restarted my search for a solution and after some time I've boiled it down to the question "How to run screen in chroot". Then the answer was pretty simple. There is a devpts filesystem you have to mount and you need to create a symlink from /dev/pts/ptmx to /dev/ptmx. To use this you need to provide a config file with the option ProvideTty set to true.

Permanent home directory:
As a default the home directory is part of a tempfs filesystem. Each folder you want to see there needs to be specified. Unfortunately programs like Android Studio or Visual Studio Code use a lot of files and show strange bugs when only some directories have to be newly created. So I've created the HomeDirectory option for the config file. The directory you specify there will be your new home directory in the sandbox.