jLuger.de - Owncloud in a container

As I've mentioned in my last post I've got a new computer. It required a newer version of Ubuntu which broke my Owncloud installation. To be fair I've used a "very stable" version of Owncloud. I was already planing about updating to the latest edge version as I've remembered a story about my scanner I've told to my coworker a few days ago.

In about 2008 I bought a printer-scanner combination to act as a cheap scanner with automatic document feeder. It was a brother as it was said that it had god Linux support. I was disappointed when I've found out that I needed to install proprietary drivers. As the device was network enabled I've took a virtual box machine and installed the driver there to see how far I would get. I've got very far. Until today the driver in the VM works perfectly. It has survived several PCs and even more OS updates.

Right before creating another VM to freeze my Owncloud installation I've thought about the container and namespace stuff I was experimenting with and wondered if I've could put it into a container.
I didn't want to use docker for the container as
I've can already say that I've reached my goal but it was as complicated as it sounds. That's why I am splitting the issue up into several blog posts.